Moana (Mo-AH-nah) means “ocean” or “wide expanse of water” in Hawaiian.  I’ve spent a great deal of time in Hawaii and feel a very close connection with the Hawaiian people and culture.  I also feel very drawn to the ocean for its peaceful, healing, and calming qualities, all things I wish for you in your journey toward self-discovery and growth.  

Why Counselling? 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Life and Career Transitions & More

People come to counselling for many different reasons.  Counselling can provide you with a confidential, safe space to work through issues that may be causing you emotional distress.  You may also wish to learn concrete techniques and tools that help you deal with work/life stresses and anxiety in a more effective way.  Counselling can help you develop clarity, understanding, and a fresh perspective on an old problem. Ultimately, counselling can help you begin healing so that you can continue on your own, unique path of self-discovery and growth. 


Finding a counsellor that is the right fit for you is an essential part of an effective counselling experience.  I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation so that we can discuss if our working together could be of help to you. Please call or message me here to book your 15-minute, free phone consultation.


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